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Buffer: Sharing made easy!

Buffer Balances Your Twitter and Facebook Sharing

Have you lost followers on Twitter lately or perhaps received less likes and comments on something cool you shared on Facebook? Likely this is a result from tweeting or posting at the wrong time. Buffer a new service I have been using for a little while just today added support for Facebook which means when […]

Netflix Needs To Step Up Its Game Plan

Netflix has over the past months been struggling in my opinion to figure out what its roadmap is and ultimately the company’s executives have made some poor decisions that have resulted in customer backlash. With the recent news of Netflix spinning off its DVD service into a┬áseparate┬ácompany I’m somewhat amazed their board of directors has […]


Facebook Subscribe Button

Will Facebook Subscriptions change things up?

You will see a Subscribe button on Facebook Profiles that have opted-in. Facebook announced a new opt-in feature today that allows Facebook users to enable subscriptions to their Public posts to anyone without any “Friendship” being necessary. Some sites are touting the Subscribe button to be a win for journalists who had both a personal […]