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Ubuntu Users Win Back Privacy

Ubuntu users and privacy advocates have won a big victory as Canonical’s Michael Hall announced yesterday that future versions of Unity will give users the option to opt-in to searches using online sources. Back in September 2012, I had reached out to both the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Free Software Foundation (FSF) and blogged […]

Ubuntu's Unity Home Search

Privacy in the Digital Age

Happy International Privacy Day!

Privacy is an important issue that every user should strive to protect and while privacy means many different things to different people, the fact is that privacy is about real choices being given to a user in regards to how their information (searches, personal information etc) is shared and handled. I would like to highlight […]

On Calling Others Childish FUD Spreaders

Jono Bacon blogged yesterday in a response to Richard Stallman’s recent post on the Free Software Foundation’s website in which Stallman suggested Ubuntu has spyware. I do not personally think that Ubuntu has spyware (I think calling it spyware is a stretch) but I do think the shopping lens poses security and privacy concerns which […]

Jono Bacon calls Richard Stallman Childish says he spreads FUD

Privacy in the Digital Age

Richard Stallman: Canonical will be forced to hand over data to various governments

I have exchanged e-mails and been having chats with people about the new Amazon Product Results in the Ubuntu 12.10 Unity Dash. One of the people I reached out to was Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation a visionary who I have much respect for after all he pioneered much of the foundation and […]