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Stallman: On Privacy, Spyware and Promoting Ubuntu Community Flavors

I occasionally talk with Dr. Richard Stallman via e-mail about a variety of Free and Open Source Software related topics and I wanted to revisit a discussion on a earlier topic since I recently heard he was asking Open Source organizers in Latin America not to promote Ubuntu at their events (Which I disliked). Notably […]

Richard Stallman

Hacking Ubuntu Community Flavors on Nexus 7

With the recent launch of the testing images of Ubuntu on Nexus 7 there has been lots of interest and people have asked why Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Kubuntu etc were not selected simply put those are community flavors and this is a Canonical initiative so its really up to the Community to bring those flavors to […]

404 error Secure Boot problem not found

Back in October I posted about a problem one of the Ubuntu Oregon LoCo members was having and he specifically e-mailed me and requested I share it that way he could potentially get some help on the issue and start a discussion. Basically the individual was trying to install Kubuntu 11.10 on a HP device […]