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Mozilla Rocks MFNW+PDX Music Hack Day

Mozilla joined RumbleFish, Spotify, Twilio and Mapquest to sponsor MFNW+PDX‘s Music Hack Day yesterday and when I heard about the event last week I jumped at the opportunity to join Dietrich Ayala to represent Mozilla at the event. I headed down early for a “Secret Brunch” on the Spotify bus (built by the people who […]

Dietrich Ayala giving a talk at Hack Day

Spotify on Ubuntu

Five Must Have Ubuntu Apps for Music

For me one of my favorite things is listening to music and I use music as an aid to help make me more productive when working on projects. Luckily there are a variety of applications that “just work” on Ubuntu to help me get my music fix.   1.) Spotify: Despite the fact that Spotify […]

Bourbon Legend

Bourbon Legend makes great tunes

So my cousin who is working on her Masters in Biology at New Mexico State suggest I check out this musician who goes by the name of Christopher “Bourbon Legend” Smith down in good ol’ Las Cruces. ReverbNation’s Blurb:┬áSprung fully formed from the headache of a hungover zeus, Christopher “Bourbon Legend” Smith Plays ukulele songs […]