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Netflix on Ubuntu

Wait is that Netflix on Ubuntu?

Update: Instructions on how to install Netflix on Ubuntu are available here This year has been big for Ubuntu. In fact, Valve just launched its Steam Beta on Ubuntu and Dell announced a Sputnik laptop. So much is being done to make Ubuntu the most inviting Linux Desktop but what is missing? Netflix, of course […]

Netflix Continues To Disappoint Linux Users

I figured I would touch base with Netflix’s Corporate Public Relations folks once again to see if their decision to not support Netflix on the Linux Desktop had changed and although I was not surprised by the following response I do feel this goes to show why Netflix is taking a continued hit on their […]

No Netflix for Linux


Netflix Needs To Step Up Its Game Plan

Netflix has over the past months been struggling in my opinion to figure out what its roadmap is and ultimately the company’s executives have made some poor decisions that have resulted in customer backlash. With the recent news of Netflix spinning off its DVD service into a┬áseparate┬ácompany I’m somewhat amazed their board of directors has […]