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Occupy Drinking Water: Portland’s Battle over Fluoride

It was no surprise to many today when the City Council voted to approve plans to begin adding Fluoride to City of Portland water which is also shared by other cities. The list of non-profits and health organizations who support fluoridated water in Portland is overwhelmingly long and at least one Oregonian Poll showed fluoridated water was […]

Will Portland have Fluoride added to water?

Occupy This

How Occupy Portland is Screwing The Local Community

As someone who used support Occupy Portland I have been very disappointed into what Occupy Portland has evolved into and my personal opinion is that is evolved from an intelligent gathering of people to discuss common grievances with our government, big banks, political system and much more and has mutated into this very annoying broken-record […]

OccupyPortland: Violence is unacceptable

I was disturbed when a friend of mine shared this screenshot with me that he took of a friend’s posting and in all honesty for a bit I thought it was fake but it wasn’t luckily later that same original poster clarified he was joking but at the same time I’m sure in the light […]

Occupy Portland Supporter Jokes About Violence

Occupy Portland Camp

Why Occupy Portland Encampment Failed

I think that the Occupy Portlandmovement which is in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street has an excellent message and that it came together for a very important reason and that is the lack of jobs, student loan debt and corruption in politics while the 99% or Majority of Americans are working hard to survive without […]