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OccupyPortland: Violence is unacceptable

I was disturbed when a friend of mine shared this screenshot with me that he took of a friend’s posting and in all honesty for a bit I thought it was fake but it wasn’t luckily later that same original poster clarified he was joking but at the same time I’m sure in the light […]

Occupy Portland Supporter Jokes About Violence

Occupy Portland Camp

Why Occupy Portland Encampment Failed

I think that the Occupy Portlandmovement which is in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street has an excellent message and that it came together for a very important reason and that is the lack of jobs, student loan debt and corruption in politics while the 99% or Majority of Americans are working hard to survive without […]

Former Millionaire Blogger Suggests Occupy Wall Street Is Noise

I was recently disappointed when I saw a former millionaire Erica Douglass who makes a living as entrepreneur and blogger suggest in a blog post that the Occupy Wall Street protests are essentially a bunch of negative noise that is doing nothing good to cause change. In her blog post she shows her lack of […]

#OccupyPortland - Oct 6th, 2011