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A New Year with More Connections

This year has been wonderful for me; with many opportunities to connect with some of the most brilliant people in the world while having discussions surrounding moving the open web forward and evangelizing products like Firefox and Firefox OS. For me, there have been so many examples that I could offer of events or experiences […]

Me and Mitchell Baker, Chief Lizard Wrangler at Mozilla


Happy Holidays!

Today, I started my official break from projects for the Holiday Season although there are still some tasks I do regardless of what time of year it is much of my contributions to various open source projects slow down around Christmas. Each year I remind those in the United States that there is a great […]

Me and Tim O'Reilly

OSCON + Mozilla = Awesome

Last week I was at O’Reilly Open Source Convention representing the Mozilla Community and meeting with folks to talk about some of the cool things going on in the Mozilla Community. This year was especially exciting because Mozilla sponsored Community Leadership Summit the weekend before which had an amazing turnout and had several Mozillians in […]