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Ubuntu Oregon Celebrates 12.10 Release

This afternoon I joined fellow LoCo Members in celebrating the release of Ubuntu 12.10 and the turn out for Ubuntu Oregon’s release party was impressive with around 30 attendees at the peak of the event. I started off the release party by giving a presentation on the various changes that landed in 12.10. Following my […]

Benjamin Kerensa presenting changes in Ubuntu 12.10

Screenshot from 2012-09-24 14:36:30

Unity Shopping Lens: Privacy, Security and FUD

In light of the FUD over the Unity Shopping Lens package that has landed in Quantal there were also some legitimate security and privacy concerns surrounding this new innovative feature that I think will be very useful to many Ubuntu Users. I had an opportunity to exchange a e-mail with Mark Shuttleworth late last night […]

Lots of Hype Over Shopping Lens in Ubuntu 12.10

So if you’re someone who watches Slashdot, Hacker News or Reddit you would see news that Canonical will be shipping a Shopping Lens for Unity in Ubuntu 12.10. This has resulted in a bit of public outrage from people who are concerned about advertisements in open source applications or even a Linux Distribution. I think […]