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A Developing UEFI Secureboot Situation

I was quite pleased with Mark Shuttleworth’s recent response to a Ubuntu User recently regarding how Canonical will approach the UEFI Secureboot situation: We’ve been working to provide an alternative to the Microsoft key, so that the entire free software ecosystem is not dependent on Microsoft’s goodwill for access to modern PC hardware. We originally […]

UEFI Secureboot

404 error Secure Boot problem not found

Back in October I posted about a problem one of the Ubuntu Oregon LoCo members was having and he specifically e-mailed me and requested I share it that way he could potentially get some help on the issue and start a discussion. Basically the individual was trying to install Kubuntu 11.10 on a HP device […]



Canonical and Redhat Release Joint “Secure Boot” Whitepaper

Yesterday I was reading my Google Reader and noticed the Canonical blog had released a joint whitepaper with Redhat on “Secure Boot” as someone who is interested in this topic that is being discussed in-depth by the FOSS community and Tech blogs. Additionally, The Linux Foundation released their own whitepaper which talks about UEFI Secure Booth […]