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Sorry, @edbott No FUD or Table Pounding Here

I’ve been closely monitoring the buzz surrounding Secure Boot and recently Computerworld presented a Microsoft Hardware documentthat suggests Microsoft will ensure that Secure Boot mandatory on ARM hardware. A few months back my article presenting some trouble a LoCo member was having with a laptop sparked enough controversy that not only did it hit every […]



404 error Secure Boot problem not found

Back in October I posted about a problem one of the Ubuntu Oregon LoCo members was having and he specifically e-mailed me and requested I share it that way he could potentially get some help on the issue and start a discussion. Basically the individual was trying to install Kubuntu 11.10 on a HP device […]

Canonical and Redhat Release Joint “Secure Boot” Whitepaper

Yesterday I was reading my Google Reader and noticed the Canonical blog had released a joint whitepaper with Redhat on “Secure Boot” as someone who is interested in this topic that is being discussed in-depth by the FOSS community and Tech blogs. Additionally, The Linux Foundation released their own whitepaper which talks about UEFI Secure Booth […]