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HP gives WebOS to FOSS community as token gesture

I’m kind of skeptical towards the announcement by HP today that they are going to contribute the WebOS platform to the Free Open Source Software community. As a former owner of a HP WebOS device I’m still a bit disgruntled in a sense to how they treated their customers and never really made it right […]


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Forrester Analyst Prematurely Calls “Game Over” On Linux

Mike Gualtieri a Technology Research Analyst at Forrester recently posted on the Forrester Research blog suggesting that “Linux” dominating the world is game over. It is clear that Mike doesn’t quite have a grasp on how big Linux is and how it is continuing to grow worldwide.   Here is one tidbit from his post: But the real […]

My thoughts on the HP WebOS debacle

There has been so much talk surrounding HP’s handling of the WebOS product and it surely did not start recently with their decision to pretty much abandon the product line but instead for Palm device owners the way HP has handled the product since its acquisition of Palm has been borderline treasonous. Lately, I have […]

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