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404 error Secure Boot problem not found

Back in October I posted about a problem one of the Ubuntu Oregon LoCo members was having and he specifically e-mailed me and requested I share it that way he could potentially get some help on the issue and start a discussion. Basically the individual was trying to install Kubuntu 11.10 on a HP device […]

UEFI Headaches Begin For Linux Users

A Follow-up post is available here since this post has become viral and controversial some how As I was preparing to head out to the Ubuntu Oregon Ocelot 11.10 Release Party the other night I received a e-mail from a LoCo member in Salem, Oregon who passed on this message and felt it was an […]

Linux Boot Denied Due To UEFI

Ubuntu One

Ditch Dropbox and Use Ubuntu One

I have been regularly using Ubuntu One for a number of months and I have been beyond impressed with the quality of their free service. Ubuntu One is essentially your link to a personal storage cloud for all of your content and best of all Ubuntu One is available on multiple platforms and their free […]