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Mozilla Summit 2013 in Santa Clara

Two Sundays back was the last day of Mozilla Summit 2013 where thousands of Mozillians came together in three cities to discuss the future of the open web. Summit was everything I had hoped for and much more there were moments as a site host lead that were challenging but as an attendee there were […]


Xubuntu Desktop - Benjamin Kerensa

Xubuntu 30-Day Challenge

As a result of my growing concern over privacy and for other purposes, I decided I would take up a 30-day challenge. Yeah…like the one that Matt Cutts gave a TED Talk about. I would switch to a Community Flavor and see how it worked and see if I could keep it as my desktop […]

Stallman: On Privacy, Spyware and Promoting Ubuntu Community Flavors

I occasionally talk with Dr. Richard Stallman via e-mail about a variety of Free and Open Source Software related topics and I wanted to revisit a discussion on a earlier topic since I recently heard he was asking Open Source organizers in Latin America not to promote Ubuntu at their events (Which I disliked). Notably […]

Richard Stallman

Hacking Ubuntu Community Flavors on Nexus 7

With the recent launch of the testing images of Ubuntu on Nexus 7 there has been lots of interest and people have asked why Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Kubuntu etc were not selected simply put those are community flavors and this is a Canonical initiative so its really up to the Community to bring those flavors to […]