Release Management Work Week

Last week in Portland, Oregon, we had our second release management team work week of the year focusing on our goals and work ahead in Q3 of 2014. I was really excited to meet the new manager of the team, our new intern and two other team members I had not yet met. It was […]

Mozilla Release Management Team

Ben Kero, Firefox OS Talk at OSBridge 2013

Mozilla at Open Source Bridge

This week Open Source Bridge will kick off in Portland and I’m extremely excited that Mozilla will once again be sponsoring this wonderful event. This will also mark my second year attending. To me, Open Source Bridge is the kind of conference that has a lot of great content while also having a small feel […]

Speaking at OSCON 2014

In July, I’m speaking at OSCON. But before that, I have some other events coming up including evangelizing Firefox OS at Open Source Bridge and co-organizing Community Leadership Summit. But back to OSCON; I’m really excited to speak at this event. This will be my second time speaking (I must not suck?) and this time […]

Mozillians at OSCON 2013


On DRM and Firefox

There has been a lot of criticism of Mozilla’s decision to move forward in implementing W3C EME, a web standard that the standards body has been working on for some time. While it is understandable that many are upset and believe that Mozilla is not honoring its values, the truth is there really is no […]